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Control systems

Our main focus is on Siemens (S7-200, S7-300, S7-400, LOGO!, S5) and Mitsubishi control systems. Thanks to our experience with other automation systems, including industrial robots, we can also adapt, repair, or manage specific systems used for industrial automation.

Below, please find a brief description of the most frequently applied product series.


Příklady Siemens ovládacích panelů

Siemens LOGO!

The LOGO! series is a universal logic module. It is used for simple industrial control (such as ventilation systems, small machines, compressors) and enables the use of expansion modules for input, output, or GSM (for instance, for the remote control of blinds, greenhouse irrigation systems, etc.).

Siemens S7-200

The S7-200 is a small programmable control system intended above all for simple applications. It is used primarily for controlling single-task machines (pipe gauges, presses, simple assembly stations) and can be expanded through the use of counter modules for encoders or network elements such as profibus and ethernet.

Siemens S7-300

The S7-300 is a programmable modular system intended for medium-to-large applications. It is best suited for controlling entire production units and more complicated machines. It offers the possibility of networking individual stations and can be easily connected to higher-level systems, for instance using the OPC protocol.


Semens LOGO!

Siemens S7-400

The S7-400 is designed for the most demanding large-scale automation tasks. It is used primarily for large production units that need to be connected to the company network for purposes of resource management and data collection and archiving. This system is the most powerful of the S7 series.

Siemens S5

The S5 is the predecessor to the S7 series. It is no longer produced, but continues to be used on many older machines. Because of the lack of replacement parts, we recommend upgrading to the S7 series.


Procesor Mitsubishi



A microsystem designed for simple applications. Similar to the Siemens LOGO!

The FX series

A compact PLC intended for less demanding small and medium-sized applications.

The A series

A modular control system offering many expansion possibilities.

The Q series

An improved version of the A series.

Motoman robots

Motoman Robotec, a manufacturer of industrial robots, is part of the Yaskawa group – one of the world’s largest robot producers.

In practice, a robot workstation is usually controlled using a Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC (depending on the client’s needs) that controls the robot’s connection to the station’s other elements, guides the working cycle, and ensures workplace safety.

Thanks to our familiarity with controlling the robots themselves (ERC, MRC, XRC, NX), as well as our work with Siemens and Mitsubishi PLCs and our experience with similar work stations containing PLC-guided robots (or without such robots, since in specific cases, the robot may control the peripherals itself using special input and output modules), we are capable of servicing, adapting, and expanding similar equipment.